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The Lifebook To Help You Keep Fit & Healthy, Build Motivation & Live Well.
Written by the founder of "Over 40 Health & Fitness", Anthony Hill. Fitness Secrets contains detailed guides for tried and tested exercise routines, meal plans, nutritional advice, motivational tips, and health habits. It’s the only book you’ll need by your side as you work towards your health and fitness goals.
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What is Fitness Secrets?
It is NOT just another book about eating less to lose weight.
It is NOT just about training harder to gain muscle mass.
It is NOT just another book that focuses on your physical body.
Fitness Secrets is a LIFEBOOK that will keep you fit & healthy, build your motivation, & help you live well
Fitness is more than just intense workouts that push your body to the limit and diets that don’t work out in the long run. In Fitness Secrets, we’ll show you the entire process of transforming your body and mind. Thanks to personal trainer and bodybuilder Anthony Hill’s 30 years of experience, we’re able to share with you tried-and-tested techniques, presented in step-by-step fashion, on how to build and maintain a healthy body. No more wasting valuable time and money on trial and error.
You can now learn all the secrets to sustaining a high level of motivation that will keep you focused on your fitness goals, whether it’s to build muscle or keep the weight off. So what are you waiting for?
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If you still need convincing, here are reviews from some of our satisfied customers:
"I have been struggling with my weight for a while now, and I didn't know where to start with my exercises. Fitness Secrets is truly a godsend. Perfect for beginners like me"
- Thomas Blackett, 50
"This book covers everything - including the little things you didn't think were important like conditioning your mind, how to choose the right gym and even what to wear. Who knew fats could be good? I can safely say that Fitness Secrets transformed my life."
- Sean Tipping, 45
"Fitness Secrets is like having your own personal trainer on paper. It helped me understand my own body type, as well as exercises that initially didn't seem doable. Thank you, Anthony!"
- Jordan Cuthbertson, 43
Inside Of Fitness Secrets, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • ​Continuously performing a muscle-building exercise but still receiving unfavourable results? Proper understanding of how muscles work before starting a routine may do the trick... - p.1
  • ​The chest muscles are commonly used for pushing anything away from the body. But did you know that it can also be used for pulling things around your body? Details about the chest functions you need to know...- p. 2
  • ​The shoulder muscles can be considered as a complex muscle group because it can be used in a lot of ways. Maximise the use of your upper body muscles using various exercises... - p.4 
  • ​Planning to bulk up your back muscles ? Training should be done in two sections to reach your desired results... - p. 6 
  • ​The biceps muscles are responsible for moving your forearms and your hands up to the elbow joint. Work up your biceps muscles using the supination technique... - p. 7
  • ​Dreaming of flaunting your six-pack abs? How targeting both the upper and lower sections of the abdominal muscles consistently can give you favourable results... - p.10  
  • ​Are you struggling to stick to a workout program? Perhaps finding the right reasons can help you reach your body and fitness goals... - p.15
  • ​Your body type will determine how a weight training and fitness program will work for you. Find out if you are an ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph or a combination of any of the three body types to maximise your fitness goals... - p. 18
  • ​The only formula you need to remember to achieve Bodybuilding Success... - p. 20
  • ​A little celebration every time you reach a milestone is also important in your fitness journey. How rewarding yourself can help in reaching your goals faster... - p. 25
  • ​There may be no right or wrong time for working out, but training in the morning or at night will yield different results. Know the advantages of morning or night training for your body... - p. 27  
  • ​One of the most important rules in working out is to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Always remember the importance of drinking water when doing any bodybuilding programme or any other physical activities... - p. 36
  • ​The Barbell Bench Press can be considered one of the most basic and most popular weight lifting exercise. It’s also an exercise a lot of people screw up. To see results, you must do this exercise properly... - p. 52
  • ​Did you know that Pullovers are great for expanding your rib cage, stretching and correcting your posture? This exercise isn’t popular anymore, but it’s tried and tested, even by Arnold Schwarzenegger!... - p. 66
  • ​A common injury that weightlifters and bodybuilders suffer is a torn rotator cuff. Get to know and add rotator cuff exercises to your routine to prevent suffering this injury- p. 88
  • ​Training your back is crucial to a holistic training routine, but doing it incorrectly can leave you with long-term repercussions. Learn how to train your back the right way…  - p. 91
  • The world’s most favourite muscle group are the biceps, making bicep curls the favourite exercise move of a lot of bodybuilders. Find out how you can get the most out of bicep curls here ... - p. 119
  • ​There are a lot of conflicting theories as to how you can correctly train your calves. But this one’s what we found to be the most effective and efficient one yet!…  - p. 152
  • ​A simple, not-too-difficult leg exercise can make it possible to train around injuries if you have them. Find out what this easy yet effective leg exercise is... - p.164
  • ​Training your abs serves a purpose more than just for aesthetics; it also helps in alleviating and preventing lower back pain. Include effective exercises that strengthen your abdominals in your routine… - p. 171
  • ​While there are many theories as to how a training routine should be structured, there’s one way we stick to. It involves hard work, consistency and resting well. Learn more about this tried and tested structure here... - p. 184
  •  In fitness training, we all know that consistency, regularity and repetition are key factors. But do you know why?...  - p. 190
  • ​The best way to start training is to build up your strength and stamina with a well-paced power routine. Learn about our recommended 3-month beginner routine here… - p. 192
  • ​Managed to build up enough strength and stamina? It’s time to gain those muscles you’ve always wanted. Learn more about our muscle-building, intermediate-level training routine here... - p. 195
  • Different fitness goals need different training routines. With enough stamina and muscle you’ve built up from the beginner and intermediate program, try creating and starting your own advanced level routine. Find out how to make one here... - p. 198
  • ​How this one type of exercise can help undo all the damage to your heart and lungs after years and years of smoking... - p. 203
  • ​The definitive reason why doing cardio first thing in the morning can significantly accelerate fat loss- p. 204
  • ​Why you shouldn’t use electrolyte drinks when trying to lose fat. Can’t resist? There’s a perfect time for electrolyte drinks when doing cardio… - p. 204
  • ​There’s no excuse for not exercising! How to incorporate cardio in your lifestyle even if you don’t have time to go to the gym… - p. 206
  • ​Trying to lose fat? Don’t punish your knees by running! How ‘Burst Interval Training’ helps you burn fat by just brisk walking… - p. 206
  • ​Keep your cravings at bay with this technique that allows you to keep eating sweets or junk food while on a strict, healthy diet… PLUS: Learn how to eliminate all your cravings once and for all- p. 208  
  • ​One major factor why eating is much harder than a high-intensity workout when gaining muscle mass… - p. 211
  • Perfect your bulking up diet with tried-and-tested bulking recipes that only take minutes to prepare… - p. 213
  •  Do you want to eliminate binge-eating from your daily routine? How adequate mental preparation can play a significant role in keeping the weight off for the rest of your life- p. 221
  •  Follow this fat loss diet formula so you keep losing weight with a satisfied stomach... - p. 224  
  •  How giving yourself permission to go crazy once a week will help you build the discipline needed to stick to your diet... - p. 230
  •  Feeling fat, sad and tired lately? How men in their 40s can improve their quality of life by getting more testosterone... - p. 237
Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About Fitness Secrets!
“I can’t believe how Fitness Secrets turned my life around. Getting healthy was the least of my priority. It was intimidating so I didn’t want to do it. But Anthony’s words really resonated with me, and now, I’m living healthier and 40 pounds lighter!”
Tristan Woodruff
“I was already doubtful of online workout programs because I kept coming across ineffective ones. Then Anthony Hill came along with a different perspective, approach and plan of action. It has been working for me and I can truly say that this book is designed for over 40 men like me!”
Jamie Kavel
“I always had problems bulking up or even just getting the muscle tone I wanted. When I turned 40, I wanted to look more toned but nothing worked for me. This book has invaluable tips and advice on how you can tone your muscles and I haven’t stopped following them since.”
Jackson Clibborn
“I have had no problems with the motivation of working out, but my diet always affected my weight. I don’t like starving or depriving myself. Thankfully, Anthony gets that and now, I’m eating healthier without feeling miserable! Thanks mate!”
Jamie MacGillivray
“The moment I knew I needed help was when my son kept running on the beach and I just couldn’t catch up. He got so far away I couldn’t see him anymore. That really scared me! A friend of mine introduced me to the Fintess Secrets book and I’m glad I gave it a read. Thanks Anthony for this life-changing book mate, I no longer worry about not catching up to my son – proved that last weekend!”
Justin Ranken

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